Monday, June 26, 2023

Home on Mondays: Family Health

Most people probably don't need to see a doctor until they are in their 30s. The first 3 decades of my life was uneventful. It was only when I had pneumonia in my early 30s that I became sickly.

One thing I learned belatedly was getting medical insurance for myself. I usually had medical insurance from work so I never had to worry about it. Now that I understand it's importance, I'm making sure we have it.

Transitioning back our health support system has been difficult. Asked friends for referrals and tried cold calling doctor offices didn't work. We couldn't get an earlier schedule. You need a referral to make it work. Thank you to the collective efforts of our friends, things are finally starting to work out.

My needs are very different, but I realized that I need to make sure my boys are healthy too. I've been worried about the effects of COVID-19 in them, so I insisted we all see my new cardiologist as a family. So that's going to be our focus for the month of July.

Health is wealth. Make sure your loved ones are healthy too. 

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