Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Two Down, I'm the Last Woman Standing!

Both my boys now are sick. They're currently doing an antigen test. Sweetie doesn't have fever anymore, but he's still coughing. Advised him to still stay quarantined since there reports of late positive COVID-19 test (read here). I read that the vaccination sometimes delays it. 

I'm really grateful I'm feeling better now. The last few weeks have been challenging for me. The new pill the doctor gave me seems to have worked and I've been doing oxygen therapy at night. I think that helped ease the strain on my heart. I was working on improving my stamina the past few days by gardening and my energy is slowly coming back. That's important because now with both my boys sick I have to take care of everything. 

First order of the day was to get them breakfast. The air quality has been pretty bad because of Mt. Bulusan so I can't really hang out in the kitchen, so I just had some food delivered. Set up two stools now outside the bedroom doors. We agreed to wear a mask whenever anyone goes out of the room. I used the disinfectant spray gun for packages around the house last night, but I'm not sure if that would be helpful. I just also wash my hands whenever I go out of the bedroom.

To minimize bringing out stuff from the bedrooms I got bottled water and provided the boys with utensils and dishwashing paraphernalia. Actually, Sweetie had prepared some items in the guest room in case anyone needs to be quarantined. Sweetie wanted his honey ginger tea with him, so we put it in a cooler. We just switch the cooling bottle every 12 hours. He has his own kettle. Of course, they have their own meds and alcohol. The WHO provides a useful guideline for home quarantine.

No one has test positive, but we're treating it as COVID-19 just to be on the safe side. The biggest fear of my doctors is for me to get it. I'm not stressing over it, just leaving everything to God. I just want my boys to get well soon. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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