Sunday, April 24, 2022

Team Bahay! The Exciting Part is Coming!

We were once again team bahay for the #PasayIsPink rally yesterday. Started watching at around 4 in the afternoon and stayed on until the end. I had to shift from one platform to another, but eventually watching the livestream on YouTube became stable. They probably had a hard time connecting to the internet because of the huge number of people. 

I would have wanted to be there, but I'm stuck in an 80-year old's body, haha. I've "attended" a couple of rallies online and I keep watching because I learn something new every time. I also don't want to be "left out" from big things that could happen during the sorties. Last night's rally was amazing and it was still early when the "sibuyas" was brought out. Here's a list of my favorite moments:

  • The sectoral snippets. The representatives from Manibela and environment defenders immediately made me cry.
  • The beautiful song Jolina sang with the Bukas Palad Music Ministry
  • Bayang Barrios leading the Pambansang Awit
  • Gary and Gab Valenciano's performance
  • VP Leni and Sen. Kiko's speech
  • Jim and Buboy of Apo Hiking Society singing together again. I really looked forward to this! 
I know that the whole sortie can be re-watched on YouTube, but throughout the rally I'd take photos of what was happening. I've been doing that across all the rallies and I'd also save photos of the drone shots. Looking at the photos bring me so much hope. 

I am truly hopeful that we will win and steer back the country to the right path. I don't even want to entertain any thoughts what will happen if we don't win. Praying hard everyday for VP Leni and her team to succeed and always be protected from any harm. 

Do make sure to check if you're voter profile is active. Do this now because from experience, the website usually gets super busy a week before the elections. You can check it here: 

#BeKind #StaySafe #VoteWisely


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