Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Home Improvement: Reducing Heat

A huge chunk of my time has been spent solving issues at home (mostly at Mom's house). One of the items on my check list was to reduce the heat at our home. I noticed that at night our living room and dining area would still be very warm even with fans. The heat that goes up to the ceiling apparently goes down at night according to Architect Ed (watch his video on ventilation). 

Architect Ed has several suggestions on his video how to reduce heat. It's ideally implemented though during house construction. I don't have budget to get a floor mounted airconditioner. If I did that would also increase electricity cost. We do have enough windows for air to come in. We realized though that the issue was the glass windows were bringing in and trapping the heat inside the house. Mom's jalousy windows bring in more air than our modern sliding windows. 

Our windows made us feel like we were inside an oven. It wasn't good also for our things and I had to move my medication downstairs where it's cooler. I saw an ad a few months ago for window film. It works like car tint. After months of weighing pros and cons we finally decided to have our windows tinted. They explained it's used for heat reduction and privacy.  We prioritized heat reduction. 

Kuya Francis, Kuya Jayson and Kuya Danilo worked really fast yesterday. They finished the windows upstairs yesterday. I was cooped up downstairs while they were working, so I just got to see their finished work after they left. And wow, I immediately felt the difference. It was definitely cooler and the area did not feel like an oven late in the evening. The kitchen also felt cooler this morning when I prepared breakfast. 

It's just been a day so we'll see how effective it is in the coming days. The tint also helped reduce the glare of the street light across our bedroom. We've been using block out curtains the past few months to keep the heat out and block the outdoor night light. Now maybe we can use normal curtains, we'll see. 

Now that we've reduced the heat in our home, I can probably move on to other home issues haha. I've been trying to figure out how to bring in more air to Mom's house. Some of the improvements they made in the last two decades, blocked air from coming in. Ahh, it's a problem I listed for the architect to think about. Gotta get better though so I can work on it. 

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