Thursday, October 13, 2022

Throwback Thursday: Lachi's and DFAT

Yesterday, Sweetie searched for Lachi's videos on YouTube. Of course, my vlog from 14 years ago came up! I laughed because I seemed to be a totally different person. Also watched Ria's Lachi's vlog from 2009 and was surprised to see myself. I think we got so busy with wedding preparations after we got back from Davao, we didn't get to see the DFAT vlogs. 

2008 <3

Lachi's is one of my super favorite restos. It's located in Davao. Whenever I go there I eat two dishes, the unforgettable pork ribs and pork marinara. They have sinfully amazing desserts. Whenever I go to Davao I visit it several times and also bring home goodies. Sigh, I miss Lachi's a lot!

We watched several videos last night and saw newer ones from recent DFAT seasons. It made me miss going to Davao more. I think the best thing about joining blogger food events before was meeting new friends.We were hoping to visit them this year, but we decided to stay put after the boys got COVID-19 after our trip to Bohol. 

With one of the Lachi's twin owners, Mike, and blogger friends.

Well, if you ever find yourself in Davao. Do visit Lachi's! Saw from more recent videos that you need to reserve since they're always full and they may still be closed on Sundays. 


#BeKind #StaySafe

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