Sunday, October 2, 2022

Miracle Sundays: I Want the World To Be

I want the world to be a safe place to live in. 

To be a place where everyone is treated equally and fairly.

Where everyone can have everything they need. 

Where everyone can sleep at night without worry.

A world where all of us can be happy and live simply. 

I took a peek at Twitter last night and just saw mayhem and unhappiness. Protests happening against government. War waged to gain more land. Devastating typhoons. Rising prices of goods and services. Value of the peso going down drastically. There's a lot of dissatisfaction, discontent and people not getting along. 

I've been using Twitter for over a decade now. It used to be fun. I had a lot of friends on it before and we'd exchange ideas, banter with each other, share our blog posts and even do tsismis on it. It's so different now. Only a handful of my friends are active now. Nowadays, the vibe is usually angry.  Even good news is sometimes met with anger. 

And that's why I'm wishing and praying for the world to be better and kinder. I pray we all have leaders who are servants instead of those who just serve for their own benefit. 

“To serve God, to love God, to enjoy God, is the sweetest freedom in the world.” (Thomas F. Wilson)

#BeKind #StaySafe

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