Saturday, October 29, 2022

Fire Behind Our House

It smelled like someone lit a candle when I stepped out of the shower. It lingered and I thought Sweetie lit a candle. I peeked in the bedroom and he wasn't there, so I thought a relative from heaven was visiting. I looked out the window and was surprised to see a lot of smoke. It was then I heard a commotion outside. I then went out of the bedroom to tell Sweetie that there was probably a fire at the back of our house. 

He immediately went outside since he saw the neighbors pointing at our roof. At that time I called my friend whose house is adjacent to us. I told him to check since it looked like there was a fire at their house. After that Sweetie turned off our electricity and told us to bring important stuff and head to the car. It was best to evacuate the house for safety. I only got my hand bag, all my medications and important documents. 

I was already coughing badly because of the smoke by the time we got out of the house. Sweetie parked the car across the street. I prayed hard as I watched smoke billow out from behind our house. I prayed for rain and it rained a bit. Good thing the wind died down around noon. Sweetie left me in the car to check the situation. 

Seeing the smoke shift from white to black I started shaking. Of course, I was worried it would reach out house. I told myself though to remain calm because it won't be good for me to be stressed. I called Miggy and asked him to stay with me in the car. Soon enough four fire trucks arrived and I knew the issue would be addressed already.

After awhile, a neighbor passed by and advised to have our house checked. I called up Sweetie to request the BFP to check the back of our house. He soon came with a fireman and they checked the area. The fireman felt the firewall and said it wasn't warm. He also said it was good we immediately turned off the electricity when the fire started. Whew! Soon enough the neighbor passed by again and said that he went up their roof to check and said everything was in order.

Visited my friend and they were all okay. No one was injured and the fire was limited to the structure, it did not reach their main house. We're also all okay, albeit a bit shaken. 

Thank you Paranaque fire department for responding immediately. They sent 5 to 6 trucks. Barangay Sun Valley also sent an ambulance on standby. 

Thank you Lord for sending rain and for protecting all of us. 

#BeKind #StaySafe


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