Friday, June 4, 2010

What is Your Toughest Job?

Last night at the airport Apl de Ap's song "Take Me to the Philippines" started playing in my head. I was weary from the bumpy ride home from Singapore, but I felt surprisingly re-energized (more like rebooted). I guess the song came to me because I was happy to be home and happy that my brain has been buzzing with so many ideas that I think may help our country (hopefully!).

My current job is probably the toughest job I've ever had. I had to get over my stage fright, being shy (I still am) and I give myself pep talks every so often to boost my confidence. I have so far used all of my faculties for my job and my education has been fully utilized (thank God I got my MBA early). The hardest part though is balancing my work life with being a full time Mom and my new role as a wife.

From Digitalfilipino E-commerce Summit

And there is so much opportunity. So many things we can do for our homeland. At the Changi Airport yesterday I had merienda while waiting to board the plane. I ordered some milk tea and toast and belatedly noticed a new food kiosk. The name of the kiosk was Bengawan Solo and it was selling all sorts of Indonesian goodies (including lapis, my favorite). And I thought, "We should have something like this!" With puto, kutsinta, puto seko, pilipit, biko, polvoron, etc. etc. and since all of our goodies are yummy I'm sure it would sell! Or perhaps a store that sells all Philippine herbal meds. I know I'm rambling but there's just so much we can do to help our country (and don't get me started on app ideas I have).

Anyway, so what is your toughest job? Win some stuff from Alaxan by leaving a comment below and sending an email to of a photo of you doing your tough job. Your entry and photo will be posted at I will pick 3 winners after the deadline on July 15, 2010 --> extended until August 15, 2010.

Winners can claim their prizes at GeiserMaclang Office – 6F Cambridge Center Building, 108 Tordesillas cor Gallardo Streets, Salcedo Village, Makati City