Friday, May 15, 2009

This Year's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs

It gets harder every year... but here's my list of what I think are the top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2009:

1. Marikina City Life - I admire those who make place blogs about their neighborhood and I know Sweetie works hard for this blog.

2. Numbrd - sometimes it all boils down on the numbers. I love how this blog interprets life through numbers.

3. TechnoMaria - I am as technologically-challenged as Ria is and her blog reminds me of what I should continue doing for (LOL), but she is definitely a more prolific blogger than I am.

4. China Doll in the Philippines - read her blog and you'll know how I was back when I was her age. :D

5. A Photographic Saga - I wish I had at least a pinky of his talent. Check out his photos. `nuff said.

6. The Thirsty Blogger - very niche and unique!

7. Pinoy Tech Podcast - there's so much to talk about local tech!

And I'm still going to search for the last 3!

In choosing these blogs what I mainly considered is content, how it's written (I don't like blogs that sound like they just copied off from PR sheets) and whether the blogger bothered to take their own photos (no plagiarism please!). I'm very picky as well about blogs that I add on my reader since I don't have that much free time to read (especially lately), so the blog has to have heart and passion.

Join the writing project! Just head on to Janette's blog for the mechanics.

Update: Here's my last 3 picks -

8. Gagong Kasabihan - very Pinoy quips that will give you a headache just thinking about it.

9. Cebu Bloggers - community blog site of Cebu bloggers.

10. - ahhh, my favorite vlogger has done it again.