Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lachi's Sansrival, the best in the whole wide world!

Aside from my super duper favorite pork marinara, let me declare that Lachi's makes the best sansrival in the whole wide world! 


1. Perfectly sweet. Not too sweet and not matabang, just the way I like it (and I know because my very sensitive tonsils doesn't protest!).

2. Perfectly crunchy. I don't like chewable sansrival because that's not how it should be. When you go for a small slice, the fork goes through and doesn't get stuck.

3. Mouth-watering and not butter-y. I've tasted sansrival that feels oily because of the butter. This one is absolutely perfect.

Mouth watering isn't it? 

What are you waiting for? Go to Lachi's! NOW NA!

And no this is not yet my real post about Lachi's for Davao FAT... this just covers the afternoon when we snuck in Lachi's before we were really scheduled to go. 

Lachi's Sanz Rival Atbp.
Ruby St., Marfori Village
Davao City
Tel No: 082-224-5552