Sunday, July 6, 2008

Monster Mom

I was looking forward to watching a funny movie yesterday afternoon. So I had the brainiest idea of suggesting to Sweetie that we watch "Monster Mom". The trailer showed on TV indicated that it was going to be a typical fun and entertaining movie.

I was wrong. And good thing Sweetie still loves me!

I did not count on experiencing almost 2 hours worth of shouting, screaming, and cursing. I waited for a resolution. A point where the lead was supposed to realize that her behavior was causing her family and community distress. That never came and it seems that the message of the movie was, "I'm a monster-b**ch, take it or leave it". Do we really want to encourage people to become bungangera?

I thank God that my Mom is no Monster Mom! When we went out of the movie house our ears were ringing and it took awhile before the pain subsided. And what I'm saying is not exaggerated! If you want wax to clear out of your ears on its own, watch the movie.

And the last few paragraphs above are probably the meanest words I've churned out in this blog. I'm sorry, but the only pambawi I could say is, "The movie was directed well (I love JJR movies!) and the artists played their part appropriately". I hope the producer (if ever he gets to read this post) takes my comment constructively.

Which also brings me to the realization that sometimes we bloggers could get so spoiled and bratty. We churn out criticisms, comments and what-not like a machine gun. We think that the world exists for us. Condescending indeed.

Humility, after all, is a virtue.

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you hear mass.