Monday, June 2, 2008

Miguel Wins the Dr. Heartbeat NXT Robot Competition

I am one super duper proud momma! My 13-year old son, Miguel, won first place in the Dr. Heartbeat NXT Robot Competition. This is the very first non-sport competition he has joined (most were in school during intrams).

Here's my vlog post about it -

I just couldn't describe how happy I am! I felt my heart was about to burst when he finished first three times in a row during the elimination round. I felt like crying since just yesterday we were both hesitating to join since he has not completed all the lessons at the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Center, but thought that he should still join for experience. Just before he went in the Lego room I wished him luck and told him to just enjoy himself. I was awed with the results of the first round.
Manabat - 125
Salvador - 175
Apolo - 400
Dee - 125

Miguel had a big smile when he went out of the room. I asked him how he felt and, as usual, he just gave a big smile and said he was happy about it. I was feeling really mushy and wanted to give him a long big bear hug, but he was reading so I just left him alone and watched the second batch. The second elimination round was pretty intense. These were the kids who went to a summer robotics camp in their school so I know how important the competition must be for them.

The third round had the top two winners in the previous elimination rounds. I hugged Miguel before he went inside and reminded him to just have fun. The contestants were put under time pressure to complete a task. Miguel was the third one to go up and successfully completed the task with the least amount of time. Here's the result of the final round -

G. Salvador - 3 balls 3 mins. 20 sec.
V. Salvador - 1ball, 4 mins.
M. Apolo - 3 balls, 2 mins 50 sec.
C. Pambuan - 2 balls, 3 mins.

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Here's a list of the winners for the two divisions:

Division 1: 6 to 11 years old
1st Place: Antonio Sales
2nd Place: Christian Ayala
3rd Place: Mildred Saquing

Division 2: 12 and up
1st Place: Miguel Apolo
2nd Place: German Salvador
3rd Place: Christian Pambuan

Special Awards
Mr. Congeniality: Marco Ayala
Most Patient: Joseph Tamayo
Most Inquisitive: Daryl Tongson
Best Engineer/Programmer: Alfonso Sales
Most Enthusiastic: Christian Ayala

I appointed myself as Miguel's personal paparazzi so here are the photos:

It's downloadable at my Picasa Web Album.

This definitely tops Miguel's summer vacation.

Thank you Lord! =)