Friday, November 9, 2007

Tamaritisis Blogginisis

Okay, I just made up those words. It's supposed to mean, "tinatamad ako mag-blog". It's a symptom (hopefully not a disease) that I think we all go through sometimes especially when you're attention is in a lot of other more important things.

I just thought I'd write down these things till I get back to normal:

1. I started blogging to educate myself about all these available resources on the web.
2. To rant and make use of my muse when she is in the mood to write.
3. To keep in touch with what's happening in the community.
4. To inspire.
5. As a tool for communication (abangan an event I'll be announcing soon!).
6. To de-stress.
7. To make up for not having officemates. (I got no one to annoy!).
8. To keep in touch with friends.
9. To amuse myself.
10. To share what I can share.

Oh well... still having tamaritisis blogginisis. Sigh.

Upcoming posts though: SM Taytay's blessing and 2 other events =)