Friday, November 9, 2007

SM City Taytay

I'm still in a daze over meeting the SM bigwigs and I didn't have breakfast or lunch today because I was still very full from all the food that was served at the SM City Taytay blessing.

SM City Taytay is bigger than SM City Bicutan (where I always go every weekend coz I'm lazy to go out of my neighborhood). I remember rushing in with everybody else when SM Bicutan opened a few years ago, that's why I was quite excited to attend the blessing of SM City Taytay (even though it's very, very far from where I live!). We went around the whole place (well most of it) and saw that it had most of what we also have here at SM City Bicutan and more (since it's bigger). It also had a bridgeway and SM Hypermarket and I think a bigger SM Department Store (inggit!!!).

Here are some photos -

That's me with Francine Prieto, Herbert Sy and Robert Kwee, don't ask me why I suddenly became so tiny! Argghhh!!!

The SM Hypermarket girls.

Longest grocery cart I've seen in my life.

SM lives up to its name with yummy-yummy food!!!

And more photos -

(Nahiya ako pa-picture with the Sy family eh hehehe.)

Photos by Sweetie.