Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pumapatak na naman ang Ulan

It was raining when I slept (more like conked out) last night and it's been raining since I woke up early this morning and basement weather just got colder! I think it'd be nice to have someone to wake up to instead of pillows and Winnie the Pooh.

I remember when I was still a Makati office girl, I'd really abhor the rain because I'd normally come to work in full corporate attire (business suit, high-heeled shoes and stockings! euw!) and I definitely don't like the feeling of getting wet by the rain. I also have the misfortune of getting sick whenever I get wet by the rain (kahit ambon lang). Add much heavier traffic, flooding, mahirap sumakay since everybody seems to be rushing home, who'd love the rain (unless when you're just at home)?

BUT! There are a lot of happy rainy stuff -

1. Dancing in the rain with my Ate and Kuya when I was about 4 years old. It was raining hard and naligo kami sa ulan! That's when I learned that you'd have to take a bath immediately after getting wet in the rain, to prevent getting sick. A couple of years after that it was announced that it's bad to bath in the rain because it had elements that may cause baldness (radiation? I dunno). Well, that ended our ligo sa ulan sprees. Miss ko tuloy Ate and Kuya ko. Sniff.

2. Champorado! Whenever it rained we'd always have champorado for merienda. And mind you, way back then those little chocolate packets weren't available and our champorado was cooked with those uber bango chocolate balls. Yum yum!

3. Snuggling. Cuddling. When I was a kid, I'd be a DH* to my parents and I'd snuggle in with them whenever it was raining. Miguel would also snuggle in bed with me whenever it's raining. Well, that was before he became taller than me. Hmph.

Bed weather is also best for sleeping in and reading cheesy romance novels (which I haven't done in years!). Well good thing I'm not sleepy right now and all the books I have lined up to read are business books (ay nerd!) and with loads to do I should just try to ignore the call of the rain to snuggle in bed.

What about you? What's your favorite rain story?

*DH - dakilang hadlang