Monday, November 20, 2023

Missing the Kittens

Missing our cat family at home. They're still very much feral, but it works for me since I can't really have pets. They just come whenever they want to, eat, then leave. Miggy though adopted the kittens. Mama Brimsley weaned them away already. We're still not sure if they will stick around.

I'm still in the hospital. Feeling a bit better thanks to the multitude of doctors and nurses taking care of me. They originally thought I had pneumonia on top of tonsillopharyngitis. It was luckily caught early and downgraded to upper respiratory track infection. They said I probably picked it up from the hospital last week.

We also got a better room in the other tower. I could actually see my old office, haha. The nurses on this section are much more responsive and happier. They remind me of the nurses who took care of in whenever I was warded in Singapore.

Not sure yet when I'll get to go home. Doctors are running more tests. I hope they'll finally catch this nasty bug.

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