Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Moving Homes During a Pandemic #StayHome

Day 3 was a bit more normal, we also both WFH today.

I wanted to note down some items we experienced during our recent move. We met it with a lot of apprehension, but we trust the team who helped us move since we used them a few years ago. We rushed our move since things might get stricter and we badly needed a change of scene. I have an important note for future me who will probably move again -


I haven't found my box of plugs and luckily I haven't had to charge this Chromebook yet. There are some items we need to use soon and should have labeled the boxes better. Now we suffer lol. 


It is a good idea to pack a bag with a couple of days of supplies. I made sure I had enough meds and two days worth of clothes. We forgot though to pack enough toiletries and had to find the right box for the bathroom


We failed though in the food department because we were too tired to go back to our other home to pack up the fridge. We thought we'd have enough energy to pop back to our old home to pick up the perishables and breakable items. We ordered dinner, but breakfast the next day wasn't what we had planned. 

I think those are the three key tips I have for future me who will likely move again (or move back home). 

Today I cooked chopsuey for the first time! I've been wanting to make more healthy food for Sweetie and me so I planned to cook chopsuey. It turned out well, but I ended up forgetting some ingredients. It was still edible, but could probably do better next time hehe. 

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