Friday, October 1, 2010

Google Chrome for Filipinos

What is a browser? Watch this -

I remember watching this video when it came out back in 2009 and it helped me explain to my 75-year old Mom what a browser is. When I was teaching her how to go online I told her, "Mom, this is what you click to go to the internet (referring to the Google Chrome icon on her desktop). To make things easy for her her favorite sites automatically open as tabs for her. But if you ask her what a browser is, she wouldn't know what it is. The same as 92% in the video.

I have been using Google Chrome since it came out back in 2008. I use it because it's fast, simple to use and secure! I get quite impatient whenever a site takes time to load and security is a big concern for me since I loath viruses.

Philippine Google Chrome Themes

I have been wishing for localized themes for Google Chrome for sometime now and I was really excited when Google showcased a number of themes made by Filipino artists. My favorite theme is "Maria Makiling" made by artist, Arnold Arre. I was hoping to have a photo with him, but I was unable to catch him after the event. Here's a photo of the theme on canvass:

Also loved the one by Team Manila -

There are a lot of other cool themes made by local artists. Check out the Space Manananggal, Electrolychee, Carlos Celdran (surprisingly became controversial today!) and a whole lot more. The themes are quite interesting and show different flavors of local artistry.

Check out the other themes at the Google Chrome Philippines theme page. If you go to the Google Chrome Philippines page you have to select Filipino to see the local themes.

Philippine Google Chrome Extensions

Local companies also showcased their Google Chrome Extensions. Some of the companies that presented include GMA New Media, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and It was quite awesome to see CebuPac and PAL presenting their extensions side by side! But seriously since I travel quite a lot their extensions would really help me whenever I plan trips. Other local extensions include those of ABS-CBN, Smart, etc.

Check out the Filipino Google Chrome extensions here.

Smart Bro - Google Chrome Dongle Coming Soon!

Gio Bacareza of Smart Communications, Inc., showed Smart's innovation of including Google Chrome in its Smart Bro dongle. Hoping to see this soon out in the market!

Thank you Google (especially to Emmanuel, Derek, Andrew, Charif and Therese)!