Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pagtatanan (to Elope)

The thought has crossed my mind several times because of the long list of stuff one has to do for a wedding. A one day event that takes months and months of preparation. It can be crammed but you'll probably end up really ugly on your wedding day because you won't get any sleep. 

I just thought of writing about eloping because I remember that it has occured several times in my family. My paternal grandparents eloped! Nanay was chinese and during her time it was unheard of to marry a Filipino, so they eloped. I have an aunt who also eloped, I think because Tatay was very strict. And then my buddy-cousin also eloped. O diba uso sa pamilya!

But then at my age it would be shameful even to think about it. LOL.

So why do couples elope anyway?

1. Because their parents are against the relationship
2. Because they are forbidden to be together because of their race
3. Because their religion is different
4. Because they don't want to bother getting permission or the blessing of their parents so they just elope and just announce they're married already
5. Because they are very much in love (like some artistas who eventually annul their marriage)

Save for celebrities who eloped and eventually broke-up, all those who eloped in my family have had successful marriages. My aunt even had a grand wedding during their 50th wedding anniversary because they never had a real wedding. 

Would you consider eloping?