Saturday, April 1, 2023

Plantita Saturdays: Re-working the Garden

Things have not been working out well for my garden. I stopped planting seeds since the indoor works at home disrupted everything in our house and the plants were not happy. Following the issues we found indoors, we also had things inspected outdoors. We were advised to fix our plumbing because our backyard garden would flood during heavy rain. 

The opportunity to have my garden fixed came when all the grass died. I was sad to see the once green and fluffy grass slowly die. We gave it a trim and  it slowly became a desert. We were told that the soil in the backyard wasn't really going to sustain it. And since they had to excavate to see the drainage I made the request to adjust some things in the garden. 

Architect Wansi brought in the best plumbing company in town. It's led by Kuya Rod and he's very enthusiastic when it comes to plumbing. They've been working on correcting the drainage system to make sure we don't get flooded. Kuya Rod's foreman is surprisingly a plantito and have been handling the plants with so much care. 

The past week the team worked on finding all the pipes and fencing in the bamboo. The bamboo trees are now inside a planter box. This will prevent them from growing wayward. We could also add the soil removed from the ground and hopefully that would improve their condition (will add some compost for better nutrition).

It's still a long way before we finish, but I was excited to see the plant box coming together. I really hope this would help with the bamboo get better nutrition. :) 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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