Monday, April 24, 2023

Home on Mondays: How to Get Away from Cleaning Your Water Tank

I grew up experiencing days where we had no running water. My parents eventually had an underground tank made so we could save water for days when Nawasa wasn't able to provide. I think most houses in our area have water tanks. 

Before and after cleaning

It was a huge pain though to have the tank cleaned. You have to empty it and make sure there's someone who can do the cleaning. We had a hard time finding someone to clean. Those we called up would quote up to PhP7k just to clean our tank. Wut?!? And the worst thing is you should clean it every 6 months.

Master plumber, Rod, is truly heaven sent for us. He said he'll gladly include cleaning the tank for a more affordable price. He also gave great advise on how to keep it clean so we don't have to do the painful task of cleaning it. He shared that most water tanks in high end villages use filters. The filter cleans the water before it goes in the tank. You also have the option to use disposable or washable filters. We're going for the washable one so we can save more. 

We got lucky last week when the tank was cleaned. There was no water interruption, so we were able to fill up the tank quickly. We were warned it might take two days to clean it. It would have been problematic if there was a water interruption. There's always the balde system though, haha. 

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