Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Cramming for Christmas!

I haven't touched any of my quilt projects the past week. We've had to prioritize renovations and adulting stuff. Renovation work was supposed to finish today and be suspended until the new year. We're not done yet, haha, so work has been extended until Thursday. We hope to do some cleaning on Friday with the help of Gab's angels (a.k.a. And possibly put up the Christmas tree on Saturday. Photo finish indeed! Well, nothing new because the same thing happened last year!

We had a light moment with the renovation team today. Chanced upon them in the dining room. Everyone was supporting Allan who was working on the top part of the cabinet. Told them it was a Kodak moment and I whipped out my phone to take a photo, that's why they were smiling when I took the photo. I like Team Alab because they have been pretty chill and have good teamwork. They always talk calmly to each other and I've never heard any of them raise their voice. 

I finally started wrapping gifts. It's been a huge challenge to find the gifts because the boxes have moved around a lot, haha. I have a list I update every year. We didn't have to shop since we have accumulated gifts from the past two years which got stuck with us in SG. Only thing we bought were noche buena items for the renovation team. We're not going to send Christmas cards again this year since the post office is very far. I still have some cards from last year which I wasn't able to mail (oh noes!).

Well, I don't have gifts yet for my boys and my Mom. I didn't get to buy it early because I didn't want it discovered.  What I wanted to get are out of stock now, haha. We've been so busy, we'll just improvise haha. Crossing my fingers we'll be given the go ahead to cook our noche buena. We'll know tomorrow if it's safe to use the induction stove*. 

The good news is Grey the Cat (the cat who adopted us) is back! He was MIA for a week and we were starting to worry. We have to work to make him feel safe again since we want to bring him to the vet. Meow! Happy Tuesday everyone!

*I can't use gas since my lungs can't tolerate the fumes. 

#BeKind #StaySafe


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