Friday, August 26, 2022

Lakwatera Fridays: Dalareich Chocolate House in Bohol

We made it a point to set a day to visit Dalareich Chocolate House during our vacation in Bohol. Sweetie and I met her at work, but never got to meet her in person. So even though we've both resigned from our jobs we thought it would be good to meet her in person and finally visit her chocolate house. 

Dalareich warned that the chocolate house was a bit hard to find. It was an adventure to find a hidden gem. Luckily there were signages so we didn't have a hard time finding the house. We were greeted by Dalareich when we arrived. We're grateful she accommodated us even though we arrived during their lunch break (sorry!). Anyway, she was a gracious host and surprised us with a sampler of their chocolates. 

We had a great time chatting about chocolate and tech. Dalareich said it was great to bounce off ideas about tech (she's an engineer after all). On our end we enjoyed learning more about chocolate and it's history in Bohol. And here's a short video of our visit. It includes some valuable advise from Dalareich about chocolate for the elderly!

One takeaway I have is for me to learn to love dark chocolate. I still have the palate of a child apparently (haha) since I still prefer milk chocolate. Well, if it's as good as what we sampled at the chocolate house, then maybe I'll learn to love it. Just remembered we got some tableya. Hope Dalareich offers her classes again so I can learn how to properly prepare sikwate and I want to learn to bake with chocolate soon. 

If you want to visit Dalareich Chocolate House, you may contact them through their FB page. :)

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