Friday, March 4, 2011

Solar Bottle Light

After my epic post about Puerto Galera I thought I'd make a post about this awesome project that Illac Diaz is heading.

Isang Litrong Liwanag.

Coming off from his bottle school project which was featured extensively on the news, a light bulb perhaps appeared on Illac's head. Solar bottle light, an alternative source for daylight powered by sunlight. So that means a lot of savings from your electricity bill.

The materials to create one include: (1) 1.5 or 2 liter soda PET bottle,

(2) corrugated sheets; and (3) water+chlorox+salt.

It looks like this when assembled.

Check out this house before it was installed with a solar bottle light.

And after.

Here's another sample at a sari-sari store.

Mind you the light can actually provide up to 55 watts and goes down to about 40 watts when its raining (which is still great actually). I told my Mom's driver about this project this morning since he was complaining about his electricity bill which doubled in the past month. He doesn't have a ref and just uses electricity for light, electric fan and TV. He thinks somebody tapped into his line. Anyway, he's interested in it so I thought I'd write about it so I can show him some photos tomorrow.

The group hopes to light one million homes by 2012. You can contribute either by:
(1) Sponsoring solar bottle lights at PhP150 each
(2) Volunteer in assembling and installing the solar bottle lights in the community

You can get in touch with the group by heading over to their website (it's a work in progress for now) at

*Photos were provided by the group. I unfortunately got sick just before we were going to tour the home that had it so I was unable to get my own photos.