Thursday, September 11, 2008

Double Threes

I wrote this post over a week ago... just got so busy so I wasn't able to post it immediately.

I’m somewhere South right now and having a hard time connecting to the Net so I thought I’d do a blog post while I’m trying to connect to the cyberworld. Eraserheads’ songs are playing in the background and it’s a great upper for me (not sure with the rest of the people here as most of them are probably above the age of 50).

I was bedridden the whole day yesterday, probably got over-fatigue due to Saturday’s concert, but it was worth it. The songs are still buzzing in my head and I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with the number of views my Eheads video has gotten. I did that as a thank you for Ely for doing a previous project, I never got the chance to thank him personally since I kinda left. Keep the views coming!

It was definitely a full weekend. I also had a small birthday celebration with family and close friends – something I rarely do and the next one will probably be 7 years from now when my my life begins. It party was a small luncheon at one of my favourite places – Taste Asia – I didn’t have any trouble fixing it up since I only decided to push through with it just a few days before. I just SMSd them my budget, number of guests and they took care of everything. Party in a snap!

I don’t really like hosting parties for myself since I honestly have no idea how to entertain people (my Mom’s good at it though). I hope they had a great time and here are some snippets from the Winnie the Pooh autograph book I passed around (the slam book was Juned’s idea actually hehe), kinda shows what kind of family and friends I have huh (guess the bloggers!):

Favorite actor:
Rommnick Sarmienta forever

Favorite actress:
Jolina Magdangal

Happiest moments with friends:
Talking about Shrek.
While eating.

Worst moment with friends:
Being with Shrek
Falsification of documents :D
With F______n
While not eating.

Favorite slogan on friendship:
Even in hell one needs friends.
Friendship is like a butterfly, it's beautiful!

Here are some fab pictures from the small celebration I had:

Photos by Andrew. See more photos here.