Saturday, August 2, 2008

Movie Review: A Very Special Love

I had very high expectations with the John Lloyd Cruz-Sarah Geronimo tandem for "A Very Special Love". The movie trailer started showing about a month before it opened in theaters and seeing it made me excited to watch the movie.

Okay, okay I admit now... I've watched most (if not all!) of John Lloyd's movies! He's just simply CUTE!

`nuff said!


So today I had Sweetie and Miguel accompany me to watch the movie and I was not disappointed. I loved the movie because:

1. It was fast-paced
2. There were no boring moments
3. Perfect mix of the funnies and drama
4. There was resolution (that's where Monster Mom failed big time!)

A friend of mine found it corny and cheesy, well it does have the usual Pinoy-kilig-movie formula, but I must say that the story-line was refreshing, creative and light. It's a feel-good movie that will definitely lift your spirits and make you gush over the leading man (fan po ito ni John Lloyd!).

The Llody-Sarah tandem works not only because they have natural chemistry, but also because it's not pilit. They each have their own following and are established artists. The characters they portrayed simply fit and they obviously had fun doing the movie.

I had so much fun this afternoon and I'm happy to report too that my kid laughed along with everyone else (I had to bribe him to come watch with us). I laughed a lot too and cried along with the characters during the sad fez moments (and shhhhh I was very kilig too!).

So, just sit back, relax and watch "A Very Special Love".