Monday, January 16, 2023

Home on Mondays: J&T Express Lost My Item

The AQI has been pretty bad for awhile now. My huge purifier, the Sky Atmosphere by Amway, needed new filters. Unfortunately the filters are not available locally and they're very expensive. We assessed whether it would be practical to order again from Singapore and then have it shipped. I have another air purifier and the filter is only available also in Singapore. After computing costs we decided to just replace the air purifier with a more practical and equally efficient one. 

Ordered a Xiaomi air purifier through their shop in Lazada on January 2. I figured that since it was after Christmas delivery shouldn't take long. I had previously ordered one the same way and it was delivered in 2-3 days. After a few days I started to wonder why delivery was taking so long. I read up on the experience of other customers through The Budol Group. Deliveries were delayed and I remembered I ordered trash bags on December 30. Delivery for it was delayed as well. 

Last year's successful delivery.

Decided to give it time. The app finally updated and said my ordered would be delivered on January 8. The day passed, no delivery. After a few days my trash bags arrived, but no sign of my air purifier. The app updated a few days later and said it was transferred to the Paranaque sortation center. No status update on new delivery date. I decided to follow-up on January 11 and received a response on January 13. The Lazada rep said that the item was in the sortation center and should be delivered soon. Since the response didn't really reassure me, I filed another request to look for my item. 

I finally got a response yesterday. Lazada said that the item was lost by J&T Express, the courier. They also confirmed that my payment was refunded. It will probably take time for it to reflect since I paid via credit card. The outcome was disappointing since I really needed the air purifier. I guess I'll just order directly from the Mi Store. 

I think the issue is with the sortation center. We know already most of the delivery riders. They indicated that there's not enough of them right now. I'm not sure if there's a huge influx of orders, personnel issue or inventory management issue. Like me there are a lot of other customers waiting for their packages. I still rely on purchasing stuff online since I'm immuno-compromised and can't really go out shopping. I still like Lazada, but hope J&T Express can work on their issues. They've so far been quite efficient, so this was certainly disappointing.

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