Monday, November 29, 2021

My Favorite Things from Ikea

I'm so happy that Ikea has finally opened here in the Philippines! It's always fun to shop there and it's one of those places I've always been fascinated with because it was one of our case studies in grad school. They were really able to address what the market needs and that's why so many people love Ikea. A similar shop I think would be Uniqlo. 

Ee-kyah, Ai-kee-yah, Ai-ke-ya, honestly I don't know how to properly pronounce it despite being a customer for a long time now. I always loved going to Ikea in Singapore. In fact, that's where I did my walking exercises post-OHS. Shopping is a good motivation to exercise! Haha. 

Saw this tag in 2018 in SG. It was a super long wait for us!

I've brought home many things from Ikea and I thought I'd make a list of what I always purchase. Most of the items are useful and last a long time. Here are my favorite things from Ikea:

Yummy meatballs.
1. Bevara sealing clip - we use this clip to seal opened packages. We even tried using it on our hair!

2. Betydlig curtain brackets - this is what I used for our home. You can also double it up by adding a curtain rod holder.   and they're still working even after 8 years! We probably just need to tighten the screws. After doing some research I also found out they're cheaper than other curtain brackets out there. 

3. Racka curtain rods - I got some of this last week. I needed quite a lot and had to find the cheapest rod I liked. I was surprised to find out that the Racka curtain rods were very affordable. I was also able to get the longer rods I needed. 

4. Kungsfors rail - I have a tiny kitchen so I thought it would be useful to install a rail under the kitchen cabinets. Got two rails from Ikea and added hooks and a condiments basket. It's been very useful. 

PH delivery crew :)
5. Krama washcloth - I've bought this multiple times! It's like the morning glory towel equivalent of Ikea, haha. I normally use it for the kitchen. 

6. Rinnig tea towel - the tea towels go on sale often, so this is one thing I always get whenever I go. I even use them to cover dough whenever I bake bread. 

7. Bath and hand towels - yup, I'm obviously a fan of Ikea towels. Living with two boys I've had to color code our things. Blue for Sweetie, green for Miggy, beige for me. 

8. Nyskoljd drying mat - this item is usually on sale, so it's one of the things I always buy whenever I visit Ikea. 

9. Luddros mattress protector - I normally get this whenever I move. It's washable, so you can reuse it. 

10. Mixing bowl - I'm not sure if this is still available, but Ikea used to sell a mixing bowl that had a cover. It had a hole in the middle which allowed you to mix ingredients without it flying all over your kitchen. It's probably my most favorite item from Ikea. 

I've also tried many other things and can probably make a part two of this list, haha. I just listed down items I bought frequently from Ikea. I'm also happy to give my thoughts on their furniture if you would find it useful. Comment down below if you think I should write about their furniture too. 

Skip the lines, just order online!

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