Sunday, January 10, 2010

Onions Make Me Cry

It's been 2 weeks since Sweetie and I tied the knot. In the past two weeks we've been achieving a good number of milestones (well we consider them as such). The major ones are:


Our first cooking attempt failed because the electric stove suddenly churned out white smoke. We both got scared, so it took us almost a week to try out the stove again. Gail mentioned that it takes awhile for an electric stove to heat up and she's right. During our second attempt we managed to cook an omelet and sinangag. And we've been cooking some stuff here and there and that's how I discovered that onions make me cry. Things have so far been edible and I haven't heard any complaints yet from the boys. Yay!

House blessing and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart

We really want our marriage to be blessed so we had my Mom invite Fr. Dave to bless our home and enthrone the Sacred Heart (passed on from my Lola to my Tita then to me). We had it this afternoon with immediate family and a handful of neighbors with Fr. Dave. It felt quite overwhelming because it was our first party (albeit very small) and made me realize that I have really moved (my very first time!). Hopefully when we're back from our trip we'll be able to invite a couple of friends to come and visit (probably by batches since we have a very small home hehe).

We haven't been able to conquer our washing machine yet. Our second attempt proved that our Samsung washing machine had the talent of strutting around the laundry area on its own (too bad Sweetie wasn't able to take a video of it). Well, in good time.

Have a great week everyone!