Sunday, August 1, 2021

Life's a Stitch

Today's #ootd is brought to you by Cathy and Mike! They said they thought the shirt was made for me! Woot! I waited for the best day to finally wear it. And today's the day because I finally gave in and committed to my sewing machine. 


I hesitated to get myself a sewing machine because I was happy hand sewing all my projects. A few months ago I injured my hand by sewing too much. Yes, you can injure your hand if you sew too much. I had to rest my hand for almost two months before it got better. I was forced to use my sewing machine more. 

It was Sweetie who bought the sewing machine for me. I didn't want to get one because I was not sure if I was going to use it all the time. The good news is I use it much more than my Switch (LOL). I was having a hard time using it because I would just put it on whatever table was available at home. I would use it only for short periods of time because of the awkward height of the table. It caused some pain in my arms, back and neck. 

So last week I finally got a proper sewing table when Spotlight offered it at a huge discount. Woohoo! Sweetie set it up for me last night. We put it beside the balcony door where there's a lot of light. Started sewing after lunch today and I lost track of time (hehe). I realized I should've gotten it sooner! Here's the unboxing video -

And that's why I thought today is the best day to wear the shirt Cathy and Mike got for me. Life's a stitch! (Thanks again Mike and Cathy!)

Day 30 Gratitude Challenge, Something you're passionate about. Sewing and crafts. I'm really grateful my Mom taught me how to love sewing and doing crafts at a young age. My hands are always busy and it's something I could do anywhere I go. It's been my therapy the past few months. I also use it as motivation to get stronger because finishing quilt projects require energy too :D

Day 2 Minimalism Challenge, Clean your handbag. I actually clean my handbag every week. I do it often because I like changing my handbag every other week. What I did extra for today is fix my wallet too. Not much change since I rarely go out, the only things I usually clear out are receipts and used tissue paper hehe. 

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